Three Door Almira MQ-06


Material 17 mm Pre Laminate Particle Board
Size 6ftX4ftX18inch(Deep) (Outer to outer)
Color Flowery Wenge Dark
Delivery 3 to 4 days


Material 17 mm Pre Laminate Particle Board
Size 6ftX4ftX18inch (Outer to outer)
Color Flowery Wenge Dark
Delivery 3 to 7 days

What Is Particle Board

Firstly, particle board itself is a manufactured board made from wood chips and glue which are compressed together under heat, and then sold in a board shape, from which it can be easily cut into required sizes. Pre-laminated board is covered, again in the manufacturing process, with a range of veneers or laminates. This gives you a large variety of options with regard to finish.

Why buy from us?

Following is a comparison chart which will explain the difference between Shubh Creations , other local vendors and other online stores:-


Shubh Creations

Other Local vendors Online –Flipkart /Amazon etc.
1 Very affordable price. Comparatively high prices as far as quality is concerned. Highly priced due to high business cost.
2 ISI Mark raw material used Local Brand low grade material used. Low cost material used to meet high expanses.
3  Quality material/ Prelaminate , engineered wood mdf, Plywood used 12 to 15 mm Low Grade Particle (Some times reject C grade Particle Board used) Mix of 12mm and 17 mm board is used in furniture like back of Almira is 8mm . Storage board in beds storage is just. 8mm thick is used.
3 Quality hardware like hinges, screws and channels is used. No quality assurance .Low quality local hardware used. Low cost hardware used due to high expanse business modal.


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